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Welcome to Rhizome of Critical Studies in Education of Adults Colloquium

Date: Fri 21 Sep 2012, at 12-16 pm
Venue: Siltavuorenpenger 1 B, K69
Event is bi-lingual (English – Finnish)
Registrations (before Tue 17 Sep): elina.ikavalko@helsinki.fi

During this colloquium we strive for new thinking, explore critical theories and provide planned and open short forum presentations concerning the mission and current state of critical studies in education of adults. The purpose is to discuss shared research interests, to promote new ways of collaboration, and to enhance
possibilities for a collective academic culture. This event is brought to you by a new and emerging multidisciplinary network, Rhizome of Critical Studies in Education of Adults.

Programme Friday 21 September

12:00 Welcome
Dean Patrik Scheinin

12:10 The importance of making room for a critical research in the era of knowledge capitalism
Rhizome godmothers Dr. Kristiina Brunila & Dr. Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret

12:40 Striving for a decent place to work, supportive colleagues and a mission of authentic internationalism
Rhizome godfather Professor Paul Ilsley

13:00 Discussion & coffee

13:30 Discussions that tickle our brains: reflections from collective analysis within KUFE research community
Professor Elina Lahelma

13:50 Ethics and Dissent in times of Scarcity and Uncertainty in Academia
Professor Vanessa de Oliveira

14:20 Discussion

14:40 Kuljeskelevaa tutkimusta, Drifting within Research
Rhizome researchers Elina Ikävalko & Tuuli Kurki

15:00-16:00 Sparkling Future of Rhizome – collective brainstorming

Rhizome of Critical Studies in Education of Adults is a newly-established, decentralized and collaborative research network, hosted by the University of Helsinki. It brings together scholars from wide, multidisciplinary backgrounds who share an interest in critical theories and methodologies. Members of Rhizome are interested in questions concerning social justice, equality, diversity, global issues, and collectivism. Politics and practices of education are studied in various contexts, such as adult education centers, vocational education, higher education, work places, project-based education, and life transitions.

The Rhizome aims to provide a support structure for critically-minded scholars and to promote inclusive, non-hierarchical and collaborative academic culture. The concept of rhizome reflects theory and research that allow always in process and multiple ways of doing. There is no particular shape rhizome has to take and no particular territory to which it is bound. Rhizome also encourages refining and improving research. Through collective involvement, we are vigilant about policies regarding the education of adults. Our hope is to engage in holistic visioning for the purpose of education of adults in Finland and beyond and to find realistic ways of achieving those visions. Furthermore, we strive for authentic internationalism in research and
research collaboration. We are inclusive.

Members of the network are invited:
- to conduct and share research related to education of adults
- to drive for new thinking, critical theories and creative methodologies
- to create collaborative research agendas and to engage in relevant research projects in multi-disciplinary ways, also to establish a platform for greater funding
- to help each other’s in our research by avoiding neoliberal individualization
- to provide mentoring for graduate students
- redefine the politics and practices of education
- and while doing all that have fun of course

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