maanantai 23. syyskuuta 2013

New address

The url of the Rhizome blog has changed, the new url is:

Bringing Critical thinking into Life in the Academia - 1st session

The first session of "Bringing Critical Thinking into Life in the Academia" was held 19th September and what a great day we had! We organized groups that are going to produce amazing things during the year and professor Frank Furedi gave us an excellent lecture about critical thinking.

At you can find the group descriptions here is the wiki-platform for the workshop. There will bee all the materials from each session.

And by the way, we asked at the beginning of the day what everyone wanted to do during the workshop and what participants thought about critical thinking and this is what we got:

tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

Interview of Professor Ilsley

Professor Paul Ilsley got interviewed by Newshub just before the first Rhizome-meeting. You can listen the interview at